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Serralunga d’Alba - Piedmont, Italy
Serralunga d’Alba - Piedmont, Italy

Serralunga d’Alba

The particular shape of the hills, formed by a long ridge rolling in the north-south direction is called “Lunga Serra” , gives the name to the town of Serralunga, one of the three towns whose territories can be found on the border to the east of the Barolo production area.

A Majestic XIV Century Castle stands on the top of the hill with the town nestling around its base, surrounded by lush vineyards. The Castle was built by the Marchesi Falletti di Barolo family, to defend its lands. In 1340 Petrino Falletti, thanks to his military merits, gained control of the part of the Serralunga feudal lands owned by the Marchese di Saluzzo, and started the construction of the castle that was to be his residence.

The town developed around the castle, and the houses have maintained up to this day the concentric circle disposition with only two entrances, which had been two big gates in times gone by. 29 Barolo vineyards, over an area of 200 hectares, surround this gorgeous medieval village. One of the features of the Barolo wines, which grow in Serralunga, is undoubtedly their high levels of tannin, and their outstanding capacity to improve with age. The photo gallery contains suggestive images of Serralunga, that you would be able to photograph in person during a pleasant stroll.

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