Serralunga and the territory

Surroundings of Alba Serralunga

A particular hilly conformation composed by a long ridge running in North-South direction, denominated “Lunga Serra”, gives the name the town of  Serralunga, one of the three towns whose territory is entirely involved  in Barolo’s production area, which constitutes the eastern border.

On the top of the town stands out the Castle originary from the 14th Century, huge in its size, dominating a village in a loand rich in wineyards hills. The castle was ordered to be built by the Marquis Faletti from Barolo, as defence centre of their properties. In 1340 Petrino Falletti, with his military conquests, became the owner of a part of the village of Serralunga who once belonged to Saluzzo’s Marquis, starting the building of the castle as his own residence.

The village, consequently, developed itself around the castle and the surrounding houses still keep nowadays the characteristic circle ring disposition with only two entrance ways, which once were two big doors.  Around this suggestive medieval village, 29 Barolo cru grew up, occupying a surface of 200 hectares (a cru is a particular wineyard  to whom some specifical features  are attributed, but not in a official way). A characteristic of Barolo wines which takes life in Serralunga, is surely the remarkable tannic strength but also the ability to express itself throughout the time at really high levels.

In the photo gallery some suggestive elements of Serralunga area are introduced, as far as you can take a picutre of it during a pleasant excursion


Immerged through the woods, the tracks and the hills all covered by the wineyards, all sport and nature lovers can find suggestive landscapes where to dedicate themselves to various activities, from trekking to swimming, from cycling to hot-air-balloons, from motocycling to fishing.


In Langhe area you can discover and appreciate many perfumes and colors tasting  Italian and International wines, Alba’s white truffle, handcraft cheeses, chocolate, hazelnuts and a lot of other old tradition sweet specialities.


Playing golf is one of the most beloved activity by the tourists who stay in Langhe area, a land which can count many golf courses fit for new or expert gamers where, in a relaxing mood surrounded by those wonderful landscapes, you can find several comfort  and facilities, to spend at the best your days.


In a land so lively and historically rich as Langhe area, you can get the chance to choose among many events to attend and places to discover, visiting international fairs and typical markets, as well as old castles and worship places, discovering itineraries among nature and culture, in suggestive parks and museums.

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