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The kitchen

The courses purposed by Chef Claudio Cagliero and his valued collaborator Mario Sciolla always change related relating to the season and the availability of the raw materials on the market. The reference to the traditional kitchen of Langa is fundamental: mixed with a touch of fantasy and creativity, chefs love to mantain the original recipe, always well prepared in la carte menu.

We like to give you a full immersion dedicated to the White Truffle of Alba, in the period between September and the end of the year. The remaing months, we offer courses with its best friend, the black truffle, less famous than the white one but always appreciated by our customers.

Our meals always start with a glass of sparkling wine followed by our starters (dishes), usually fish or traditional Piedmonte dishes. The whole meal is focused on the seasonal raw material and defined in every single detail. Before the dessert, you wouldn't refuse a piece of cheese from the rich trolley. Cheese for all the tastes, mature, curd and goat cheese.

The delicious dessert are always followed by pastries and coffee. The meals are pleasing to the eyes and the taste, served with love by the staff and sprinkled with the excellent wine from the cellar of the Tota Virginia Estate.

Antico Podere Tota Virginia

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