Wine Cellar

A wine cellar in the heart of the Langhe with an international wine philosophy

Riccardo Baltrocco, the manager of Tota Virginia, has a real passion for wine, as demonstrated by the wide variety on offer in the Wine List. You can already see his love for the local area in just the first few lines, almost symbolising his desire to relish and pass on the wine culture of the Langhe region.

It’s not surprising then to see how much room is dedicated to Wine Cellars. The first is located inside the main room and takes up an entire wall; the second is the largest and houses over 2000 wines from all over the world in the basement.

It’s a very recent installation and its temperature and humidity control system allows the bottles to be served at the perfect temperature so that they can be fully appreciated for their fabulous qualities, aromas and flavours.

From Barolo, which is the undisputed dominant wine, to Barbaresco and other local labels, the selection in our wine cellar offers the best of the finest Langhe wines, as well as the chance to sample other outstanding national and international wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, Spain, Austria, Germany, and other countries.

A fine wine cellar

The priority at Tota Virginia is to offer wines that are the fruit of the native Langhe vines, from large producers to the smallest growers in the Barolo and Barbaresco areas.

Of course, there are also wines from all over Italy, from the North to the South, as well as bottles from abroad including France – the notable Burgundy, Loire and Alsace all feature, plus wines from Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Lebanon, Armenia, America and Chile.

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